Typical applications


remember to dial 1100 before you dig or visit: www.1100.com.au get the right tool for the job


Refurbish a lawn

typical Adelaide lawn after drought Using the mud bucket on the excavator scrape off 100mm of top soil Move soil off the site of the working area


lay the netafim drip line irrigation piping test the soil Ph and adjust, typically with gipsom for Adelaide then replace top soil and adjust the drip line to the correct spacing as you replace the soil fertilise soil with organic lawn food,sow the grass seed, turn on the automated irrigation system


6 days later 2 weeks later 1 month later


Build a sleeper retaining wall

having marked out the positions of the retaining post bore the holes.typically the post needs to be the same depth below the ground as it is above. so for a 1 meter retaining wall use a 2 meter post. concrete the posts in using a mix 9:1 20mm rubble to portland crement Fit the sleepers into the steel posts


cover the rear of the retaining wall with a water proof membrain before back filling. plant up and stand back

Need to do a spot of gardening, now this is fun

shrub removal 2 3


4 its that quick and dump


send me your pictures using EHSA and I will post them