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Do you have a job that needs an Excavator Hire? Perhaps you’re trying to refurbish your lawn, need to build a retaining wall, want to remove shrubs, need to level a site or just move a large volume of soil? Whatever the job is, an Excavator Hire is the best solution.

Hiring vs Buying an Excavator

When it comes to using an Excavator, most people only have one or two projects to do. Even if your project is a big one or more than one project, your use of an Excavator would only be for a day to possibly a week. Rarely does one of these projects last for longer than that.

If you purchase an Excavator, what do you do with it after you have finished the job?

Excavator Maintenance and insurance

Then there is the ongoing costs too like maintenance and insurance. If you want to lend your excavator out or share the costs with a friend, you will need a trailer or truck to move it to other sites and an operator who has training and a licence. If you hire an operator then you have to pay him too!

There are different types of Excavators too so you would need to make sure you have the right one for the job you have or it could be too big or too small to manage every
part of the project! Buying would be a major expense.

Excavator Hire SA

When you consider all these options and expenses, it makes more sense to Hire an Excavator.

When you choose to hire an Excavator with us, we will discuss the project you have in mind, suggest any additional attachments that may be required, assist with advice that might help reduce your overall costs and deliver and collect the vehicle when you are done. We can give you training if you want to do the job yourself or provide a fully trained and licensed operator who will make the job easy. We also
have a fully licensed electrician on staff who can help with underground cabling if necessary!

How Much Does It Cost to hire an Excavator from us?

If you were to purchase your own Excavator, you would expect to pay anywhere from $20,000 for a second-hand mini up to around $500,000 for a brand new, full size Excavator! When you compare that with a hire rate of just $200 per day, you can see that hiring makes more sense.

We believe that we are the cheapest Excavator Hire business in Adelaide and its surrounds. We are extremely competitive but if you get a legitimate written quote that is cheaper, we will meet it.

Our daily rates are available here:  Excavator hire rates

With all this in mind, we think you will benefit from using us for Excavator Hire!

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